Ho Yinsen
Basic Information
Real Name Ho Yinsen
Designation Number N/A
Aliases Dr. Yinsen
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Physicist
Nationality Afghani
Gender Male
Height 5'7
Weight 156 lbs
Status Married
Dr. Ho Yinsen was the fellow captive of Tony Stark in Aghanistan. He removed much of the shrapnel in Stark's body but unable to removed one close to his heart. Instead, he puts a electromagnet in his chest to keep the shrapnel from entering his heart. He helped Stark build a suit of armor that would help them escape.



Dr. Yinsen was captured by the terrorist organization, the Ten Rings who forces him to make weapons. When billionaire playboy Tony Stark was captured, Dr. Yinsen tends to his wounds and puts an electromagnet in Starks chest to prevent a small shrapnel from entering his heart. 

They are then approached by the Ten Rings leader Raza who forces them build a much powerful Jericho Missile in exchange for their release. Instead, he and Stark build a power suit of armor in attempt to escape. When the guards realizes their plans, they informed Raza who orders for their execution. 


Yinsen and Stark installs a bomb at the doors but reinforcements arrive. Yinsen then provides Stark enough time to power up the suit but he is eventually killed.

Stark finds him who tries to bring him out of the cave, but he runs out of air and dies, telling Stark to cherish his life for good.