During May 2008, Tony Stark became a founding member of Earth's mightiest heroes, The Avengers. He and the other members dealt with enemies and threats far more greater than one superhero could handle alone.

MAY 2008Edit

MAY 2, 2008 | STARK TOWER | 7:32 PMEdit

Tony Stark is visited by Agent Phil Coulson and informs him about a situation that involves a possible alien invasion. Agent Coulson then gives him the profiles of the proposed team of superhumans dubbed as the "Avengers Initiative", to counter the possible threat and they need him to come in. (May 2, 2008 | Stark Tower)


Stark at the Helicarrier

MAY 3, 2008 | SHIELD HELICARRIER | 8:06 AMEdit

Stark arrives at the SHIELD Helicarrier where he is introduced to fellow teammates Steve Rogers and Peter Parker aka Captain America and Spiderman respectively. Stark and the team are the briefed about their mission by Shield Director Nick Fury. Their mission is to rescue an Arcanian alien known as Griffin who was recently captured by the alien invaders. After agent Clint Barton tracks down the aliens, Stark and the of the team suit up and fly to Berlin, Germany. 

MAY 3, 2008 | BERLIN, GERMANY  | 10:32 PMEdit

Arriving at the location, Stark as Iron Man, storms the warehouse and finds himself in a scuffle with a group of thugs where he is pummeled by a construction lift. However, he is able to gather himself up and quickly dispose the thugs before the team arrives. When Griffin is freed, he tells Stark that the thugs he defeated weren't the real enemies. Before Iron Man could talk though, he is attacked by an alien who shows tremendous strength. The team and the aliens then has a huge battle. When Stark realizes that the team is not performing well, he releases a gas that would serve as a distraction for their escape. Stark along with the team and Griffin gather back at the Quinjet and escape, successfully ending their mission.

Back at the Helicarrier, Stark witnessed Shield agents surround Thor. Though Captain America says that Thor helped them in their escape. The team then confront Griffin and tells them the history of the aliens known as the Kryptonians. Stark then learned the secret of his father's creation, the Arc Reactor which was derived from the Arcnet created by the Arcanians. He also learned that the chest reactor is the full version of the Arcnet, having perfected it with the help of his father's Palladium element. 

Meanwhile, Griffin fails to anticipate a vision of the Kryptonians attacking the Helicarrier. Stark dons his Iron Man armor and attempts to repair the damage engines. With the help of Captain America, they fixed the engines but learned that Thor was ejected from the ship as well as Peter Parker being captured and Faora murdered Griffin.