Iron Monger
Basic Information
Real Name Obadiah Stane
Designation Number N/A
Aliases Iron Monger
Affiliation Stark Industries

Ten Rings

Occupation Former Co-CEO of Stark Industries
Nationality American
Gender Male
Height 6'4
Weight 230 lbs
Status Married
Obadiah Stane is a employee of Stark Industries, CO-CEO to Tony Stark who became the villain Iron Monger.



When Tony Stark was captured by a terrorist organization, Stane pinpoints the mess on the US Armed Forces and specifically to Colonel James Rhodes. He then temporarily takes over Stark Industries but relinquishes it back to Tony when he somehow escaped and got picked up by a rescue team. 

Stane welcomes Stark back at a press conference but dismisses him when he announces that Stark Industries will no longer manufacture weapons. He then insists Stark to take a leave to rest his mind and body and again, takes over as temporary CEO of Stark Industries.