Iron Man Armor Mark 2
Basic Information
Real Name Mark 2
Designation Number N/A
Aliases Prototype Armor
Affiliation Tony Stark
Occupation Mark 2 Armor for Tony Stark
Nationality N/A
Gender N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Status Upgraded to War Machine
The Mark 2 armor is the second armor Tony Stark built, though it is the first that features much of the articulation and sleek-design.


The Mark 2 armor was created by Tony Stark after his return from Afghanistan. Its main focus was to update the armor with advanced construction and material with a focus to greatly enhancing its flight capabilities. It feature a highly advanced compact computer system with extensive sensor systems linked to holographic head-up display helmet. The outer surface of the armor was a high gloss silver, The majority of the panels on the suit were articulated to serve as control surfaces in flight, but main flight stabilization cames from repulsors installed on the palms each hand.

During his flight sequence, Stark noted that icing would become a major problem with the Mark 2 when upper altitudes were reached.


Preceded by: Mark 1

Followed by Mark 3 , War Machine