Iron Man Armor Mark 3
Basic Information
Real Name Mark 3
Designation Number N/A
Aliases Iron Man Armor
Affiliation Tony Stark
Occupation Mark 3 Armor for Tony Stark
Nationality N/A
Gender N/A
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Status Inactive
The Mark 3 armor the third armor created by Tony Stark and an upgrade from the Mark 2 , improving on its previous flaws. It was the first suit to integrate an actual advance weapon system and was the first to use standard red and gold color scheme.


After Stark discovered the Mark 2's icing flaw as well as a short in its power source, he designed a much better suit that features a much more articulation and sleekness of design, as well as a gold-titanium alloy shell and an upgraded power generation.

When Stark learns of Obadiah 's treachery, he has JARVIS weaponized the Mark 3 armor. Stark dons the armor and flies to Afghanistan where he saves Yinsen's village from a squad of Ten Rings' soldiers. He manages to kill them and destroy their camps and weapon stockpiles. The Mark 3 even manages withstand a blast from a tank and blows up with a missile. The Mark 3 then shows off his speed against two F-22 Raptors when it was chased and manages to save a pilot from a jammed parachute.

The Mark 3 then battles Stane's creation, the Iron Monger, but barely withstand it. It defeated the Iron Monger with the help from Happy and Pepper by overloading the large Arc Reactor which completely powers it down, making it useless.

After its fight, Stark replaced it with the Mark 4 armor with alot more weapons and special upgrades.


Preceded by: Mark 2

Followed by: Mark 4