Basic Information
Real Name Raza Ahmed
Designation Number N/A
Aliases N/A
Affiliation Ten Rings
Occupation Ten Rings Commander
Nationality Afghani
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 200 lbs
Status Single
Raza is a commander of the terrorist organization, the Ten Rings. He operates Tony Stark's abduction and forces him to build a missile. 


Abducting Tony StarkEdit

Raza orders his men to ambush Tony Stark's convoy and capture him. In the prison, he visits Stark and fellow captive Yinsen and forces them to build a more powerful version of the Jericho Missile in exchange for their release. However, Stark and Yinsen secretly builts a power suit of armor which Raza realizes. He then orders for their execution.

Yinsen tries to provide Stark with enough time to power up the armor but gets killed when he encounters Raza and more terrorists. Though Stark manages to brawl his way out of the cave and ends up confronting Raza who apparently was killed when Stark launches a mini missile, hitting the ceiling, crushing Raza. Stark then destroys ost of their weapons stockpiles and flies out of the scene. 

Apparently, Raza survives the skirmish and gets picked up by one of his lieutenants.