Ten Rings
Founder The Mandarin
Leader The Mandarin
Notable Members Raza
Headquarters Afghanistan
Locations World Wide
Status Active
The Ten Rings is a terrorist organization that intends to destroy the world peace by any means necessary. The group currently resides in Afghanistan.


Kidnapping StarkEdit

The Ten Rings kidnapped billionaire playboy Tony Stark and forces him to build a much powerful version of the Jericho Missile along with another captive in Dr. Ho Yinsen. The abduction was led by Raza on orders from Obadiah Stane.

Stark eventually escapes when he secretly built a power suit of armor. The Ten Rings' weapon stockpiles were also destroyed. 

As retalliation, they sent a group to destroy Yinsen's village and abduct children. Their efforts though were thwarted by Iron Man who kills most of the attackers, leaving Abu Bakaar, their captain, to tell their leader that Iron Man is after them. Most of their camp nearby were also destroyed by Iron Man along with the stolen Stark tech.